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Developing Educator Expertise to Work with Adolescent English Learners – Module 4

Multilingualism in the United States and Around the World: Current Issues and Tensions – A Focus on the Conversation with Ofelia García

By Haiwen Chu

In this module, you will explore some of the broader societal attitudes and policies toward bilingualism, the concept of translanguaging in the everyday practice of bilingual individuals, and potential uses of translanguaging within classroom learning that can expand learner autonomy.

This professional learning module is centered on the ideas discussed during Aída Walqui’s July 16, 2020, conversation with Ofelia García. The conversation focused on multilingualism and its implications for the design and enactment of quality instruction for students who are designated as English Learners that enables them to realize their full potential to become multilingual, multiliterate individuals.


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