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Perspectives on English Language Learning: Aída Walqui in Conversation with Kenji Hakuta

English Learners in the United States: A Historical, Policy, and Educational Trajectory

This recorded session is the third in a series of online conversations, Perspectives on English Language Learning, that highlights scholarly perspectives on the education of students who are English learners across a wide variety of settings. Led by Aída Walqui, Senior Research Scientist at WestEd, the series highlights major research advances to help educators support learning and achievement for English learners.

The session features Kenji Hakuta, Lee Jacks Professor of Education, Emeritus at Stanford University. An experimental psycholinguist by training, he is best known for his work in the areas of bilingualism and policies for the development of English by immigrant students. Dr. Hakuta is the author of numerous research papers and books, including his landmark Mirror of Language. He chaired a National Academy of Sciences report Improving Schooling for Language Minority Children and co-edited a book on affirmative action in higher education, Compelling Interest: Examining the Evidence on Racial Dynamics in Higher Education.


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