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Perspectives on English Language Learning: Aída Walqui in Conversation with Amanda Kibler

Reconceptualizing the Role of Critical Dialogue in the Education of English Learners

This recorded session is the tenth in a series of online conversations, Perspectives on English Language Learning, that highlights scholarly perspectives on the education of students who are English learners across a wide variety of settings. Led by Aída Walqui, Senior Research Scientist at WestEd, the series highlights major research advances to help educators support learning and achievement for English learners. This session features Amanda Kibler, Associate Professor and Teaching Program Chair at Oregon State University. Her research focuses on the language and literacy development of multilingual children and adolescents from immigrant backgrounds. Recent and current research projects include an eight-year longitudinal study of bilingual writers across adolescence and early adulthood, an ethnographic exploration of the home language and literacy practices of Spanish-speaking preschoolers from immigrant families, and a mixed-methods study of teacher and peer interaction and social networks in middle school classrooms.


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