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Education Week Highlights Scholars From the Two IES-funded Research and Development Centers

The important work of developing English Learners’ multiliteracies in deep, ambitious, and accelerated ways—which is at the center of work being carried out by the two IES-funded Research and Development Centers to Improve the Education of English Learners in Secondary Schools—was featured in Education Week on January 4, 2022.

As part of a longer report focused on Supporting Struggling Readers, Catherine Gewertz from Education Week addressed research, development, and implementation work currently being carried out around Essential Practices for Building Literacies in Older English Learners. For that report, Gewertz interviewed key personnel from both centers to elaborate on key conceptualizations which are part of both center’s portfolios of work. Representing the center at the University of Texas, Houston, David Francis, PI, and Diane August were interviewed, and representing the center at WestEd, Aída Walqui, PI of that center was featured in the report.

Education Week is organizing a Summit for February 16. During that summit, Dr. Aída Walqui will be interviewed by Gewertz, and the participating audience may ask questions which will be explored at the time. Stay tuned for more information about the Summit.

In the meantime, you can find the report at:



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