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Deepening and accelerating learning, removing systemic barriers, and promoting success for English Learners in community, college,
and career.


Module 4

In this professional learning module, you will explore some of the broader societal attitudes and policies toward bilingualism, the concept of translanguaging in the everyday practice of bilingual individuals, and potential uses of translanguaging within classroom learning that can expand learner autonomy.


Persistent differences in academic achievement outcomes point to the need to address systemic barriers and accelerate learning for English Learners. Two lines of inquiry guide four principal studies.

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What policies, practices, and courses are associated with English Learners’ access to the general curriculum?

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How can curriculum resources strengthen the learning opportunities and experiences of both teachers and English Learners as they engage in disciplinary practices?


Whether you are a classroom teacher, educator, policy maker, district superintendent, state education leader, or researcher, we strive to provide you with the resources that can assist you in improving educational outcomes for secondary English Learners.